Lizber Moon Star Rotating Projector



lizber-moon-star-rotating-projector-2 lizber-moon-star-rotating-projector-3 lizber-moon-star-rotating-projector-4 projection-2 projection

Get the Lizber Moon Star Rotating Projector ready for the upcoming holiday, this is the best gift EVER! Perfect for kids’ bedroom, holidays decoration, parties or any occasion that you want to create romantic atmosphere. Let your kids be amazed by the beautiful galaxy in their room and get more closer to the moon and stars.


  • 4 LED lights with multi color options
  • 9 different color changing
  • Do not get warm or hot even when running all night

2 usages

  • Steady on night light
  • Rotatable moon star projection lamp

3 modes

  • A mode: Steady on night light
  • B mode: Different color changing
  • C mode: Rotation switch

3 way to turn on

  • Powered by USB cable with charger
  • Connected with computer
  • Used 4 AAA batteries (Not included)

Note: Do not use the battery-powered and USB charging at the same time. Please use in a smaller, low ceiling room for better projection.

  • A beautiful addition to any nursery, this moon and star rotating projection light brings sweet dreams to your little ones.
  • 3 modes of LED lights: press the A button for steady light, press the B button to switch the steady color of the light and/or to make it flashing etc, C to turn on the rotation.
  • 4 LED colored light modes: either in stable light or in rotatable projection.
  • The removable light cover allows it to turn from a night light or a projection show of the moon & stars within seconds.
  • Powered by USB cable with charger or 4 AAA batteries (NOT included).