Himalayan salt rock lamps and their health benefits

If you want to light up certain places of your home with soft and warm light to provide you with a luxurious, healthy and cozy feeling of rest, work or other activities, then several Himalayan salt lamps would meet your expectations.

The Salt lamps are just large pieces of pure Himalayan salt crystal with a small bulb inside. Namely, the combination of the crystal with heat and light contributes to its stronger health benefits.

The Himalayan salt rock lamp shapes are numerous, some of them can be seen in a gallery. There are also small metal plates in which you can put any aromas and oils that will contribute to an even more pleasant atmosphere In your home. Apart from all their properties, the Himalayan salt lamps are also at a very affordable price – they are not the expensive lighting fixtures we are usually used to see. It is important to make sure that the lamp is made of quality material and not of any imitation! Himalayan lamps are made of genuine Himalayan salt, and the crystals can even be crushed and used in food!

There are some things to know to keep your salt lamp for a long time looking good and in its original form. It is good to keep it away from moisture so as not to break its structure. Of course, when it gets dirty you can clean it with a damp cloth but Avoid any liquids on the surface for a long time.

Health Benefits of the Himalayan salt lamps

The salt rock lamps provide many health benefits and are a very good ionizers! The ions that the lamp release are negative and attract particles of pollution into the air, which are usually positive. That way they precipitating and remove them.  Take a look at a research about the air ions and how they affect the mood.

Negative ions occur most often in nature, formed by things like light storms, waterfalls, ocean waves, sunlight, and a variety of natural phenomena. They are the filter of the planet. This is one of the reasons people feel refreshed and loaded after a walk in the mountains or at the beach. Positive ions are often created by electronic devices such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, and even vacuum cleaners!

Due to the wide use of these appliances in everyday life and home, many positive ions in the air are released, which can often trigger problems with allergies, stress and sleep.

The mold, allergens and bacteria in the air often carry a positive charge, so we can safely neutralize them with natural elements in our home, such as Himalayan salt.

How to uses it and where to place it

Himalayan lamp placed as decoration

Some of the most suitable places for such a lamp are around a TV or a computer where we are used to spend more time and being exposed to their exposure. Every single place in the home is appropriate, but it is good to think strategically where to place such a lamp to have the maximum effect on others and its therapeutic benefits to be felt.

Still, you can accentuate certain places in your home by lighting them and adding an arrangement of soft and pleasant light to them. Ways to achieve an original result with crystal salt are many and depend solely on your imagination.

With pieces of crystals and several lights you can make enchanting lighting around valuable objects or paintings, and even illuminate the length of a corridor or room with fine light. The accumulation of multiple crystals in a transparent container and small bulbs placed between them would also be very effective and stylish lighting for the coffee table and afternoon tea.

Overall, the improvisation with Himalayan salt is infinite due to the different crystal sizes and ease of processing. You can apply them as well as where you want – as an arrangement, and naturally as a food supplement – they will always be in your favor.