Crazywan Night Light with Sensor


Crazywan-Small-Light Crazywan-Small-Light2 Crazywan-Small-Light-back1 Crazywan-Small-Light-back2 Crazywan-Small-Light-package Crazywan-Small-Nursery-Night-Light

Say good bye to bumping into stuff in the dark. The soft glow of the light helps you to find your way at night or in dark and unfamiliar spaces. It is perfect if you don’t want a large, intense lamp or overhead light. Its built-in smart light sensor turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn automatically, light only activates in darkness. Acoustic and optical switch. This fun night light adds needed light to any living space, providing safety, security and peace of mind.


  • 110-220V AC input, with standard plug, no need batteries, no heat from lamp, stays cool to the touch, safe for use in kids room
  • Safe for babys. Made of ABS and PS, non-toxic materials, no heat from it and cool to the touch. Perfect for nursery, kids room, playroom, also anywhere you need extra light at night for bedroom, hallway, bathroom.
  • Environment friendly.  This children night light is plug in and you do not need to worry about batteries or if you are polluting the environment.