Cloud b Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light


twilight-turtle-night-light twilight-turtle-night-light2

This Cloud b Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light seems like a simple to, but it can provide calm and healthy sleep to your child. Its unique capabilities hiding in the shell, broadcast constellation through small openings on it. This constellation is reflected on the walls and ceiling in the child’s room. This provides peace of mind and protects against fear in the dark.

This interactive and educational toy includes eight constellations (such as The Big Dipper) embedded in the star pattern. Parents can sit with their children and identify these major constellations using the wonderfully illustrated Twilight Turtle Star Guide. Twilight Turtle helps make bedtime fun for children of all ages.


  • A perfect company for better sleep for children of all ages
  • The turtle’s shell broadcasts 8 different constellations
  • The illuminating of the shell has a calm somnolent effect
  • The child’s room is consistently illuminated with changing constellation with three colors
  • There is a timer that automatically switches off the illumination of the turtle’s shell after 45 minutes
  • Comes With descriptions of the history of the sea turtles
  • Creative educational toy, allowing identifying the constellations
  • It is using three AAA batteries