Born Free Nighty Neutral Nursing Night Light


baby-born-neutral-night-light baby-born-neutral-night-light2 baby-born-neutral-night-light3

The Nighty Night Nursing Light is a lightweight clip-on light that attaches easily to clothing to make nighttime feedings easier. A soft glow lets mom see better to help ensure proper positioning and latch in a darkened room without having to turn on bright lights that may disturb baby or wake dad. An adjustable timer and optional vibration alarm provides added support for nursing moms and helps to track feedings by gently alerting you when time is up.


  • Easy to use push button activates a soft glow light letting parents see without waking baby
  • Lightweight with a convenient clip that easily attaches to mom’s clothing or nursing bra strap
  • Optional vibration alarm allows mom to set length of feeding time for 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes; This is especially helpful for tracking feedings or for waking mom if she falls asleep while feeding
  • Can also be used for nighttime bottle feeding